About Us


Our Experience

Coolehouse Consulting Limited offers expert people, team and organisational development services and solutions, underpinned by the principles of Organisational Psychology.  With over 10 years of sales, marketing, training and people development in the pharmaceutical industry, we specialise in training needs analysis, design and implementation, with a particular emphasis on optimising cross-functional collaboration and performance.


Our Approach

We hold expertise across a core selection of 'real skills', such as presenting with impact and team collaboration based on both use of personality psychometrics and contemporary interventions developed from leading research in the field of organisational psychology and organisational behaviour.


Why Us?

We deeply believe in the potential of people and teams within organisations.  Simply organising in a team-based structure does not ensure success; teams, especially cross-functional teams, need nurturing if they are to reach their full potential and deliver the organisational success that is demanded.